Ahh Ribba Shelves

On the first of the year, my good friend Nichole and I decided it was time to head to Ikea and grab some fun stuff for our casas. She was on a mission to find her desk for her office while I have had my eye on some shelves to hang on my-still-bare walls. I knew I wanted something to hang in my itty-bitty dining room and knew I wanted these. They are pretty low profile, yet make a big impact with a few personal items like pictures and artwork. 

I got three of them to hang above my table in the dining room. They seemed easy enough to hang, except that they didn't come with screws to hang them with and I was completely out :0 So this meant a late-night trip to Wal-Mart since I was doing this project after I had gotten off work. However, they did come with some lovely little white stickers to hide the screws once I get them mounted on the wall.

After I found some drywall screws, I eyeballed the wall and marked where I wanted the shelves to hang. Here's the wall before:

Late-night home projects = dark looking pictures....
I wanted to make sure I got the shelves screwed into studs to that they would be nice and sturdy. I ended up having all the screws on the right side of the shelves NOT in the stud, so I used a couple drywall anchors to keep them in place. 

Here they are all mounted on my naked wall!

I think they look great and much better than nothing-at-all-on-my-bare-walls. Now all that is left is dressing them up with some of my own artwork and pictures. I will be sharing the final product soon with some picture frames I added to the shelves.

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