I survived the WARRIOR DASH!

Holy crap! The last 6 months flew by since signing up for this BEAST of a race. And I'm not gonna lie, I am a bit sore today! The high was 91 yesterday, plenty beautiful deadly for a 5K running through the steep hills of Afton Alps in Hastings, MN..... along with 12 hellish obstacles. 

But I made it!

This was right after I finished the race. The chunky lumpys you see in my shirt would be some sort of mulchy debris from that last mud pit I had to crawl through! I finished in 1 hour 20 min :) :) :)

The obstacles were nothing compared to the hills in this course. No joke. I cursed myself from signing up for this race for the first 2 miles, but once I got to the obstacle that was basically a glorified slip-N-slide for big kids, all was well.

Melina was such a trooper!! Apparently they lost her registration, and because we were in a big valley, she had no phone service to pull up the confirmation e-mail. So she came all that way with me to race and they wouldn't let her!! :(  
Next year, girlfriend!

And of course, we had to get the obligatory turkey leg. It was FANTASTIC after the race, but soooo much more than I could eat. 

And now I know how to train for the Warrior Dash next year.... Run up hills!


PicMonkey ROCKS my world

So..... I'm willing to bet that most people knew that Picnik was closing. That's right. Dunzo. Zip. Zero. Nada. They shut down in April.

I didn't even have an account and I was aware of this fact due to being a serial blog stalker.


A little wooden single drawer file I got for FREE

I grabbed up this cute little dust-covered wooden filer last year from the hospital I work at. We have this storage area in the basement that had all kinds of files, slides, tissue blocks and other miscellaneous medical crap no one cares about but we have to save. It had its fair share of scratches on top and dust bunnies inside but I knew I could find a purpose for this little box SOMEWHERE :)


The surgery

That's right. I had surgery. My first operation EVER! On April 19th I had a tosillectomy and adenoidectomy.


Leap Day a.k.a. The Day We Got A Snowstorm

Happy Leap/Hump/Snow Day!!

Here it is February 29th and we just got our fist big bite of Minnesota winter. It has been the most amazing, mild winter I can remember. Here is what I woke up to this morning.


Wine bottle transformation {Quick Tutorial}

As part of my quest to find and make pretty home decor for cheap, I saved this wine bottle a while back and have just had it sitting on my Expedit shelf in the living room.

I got sick of looking at its dark green color and decided it needed a little makeover. Hemp to the rescue!!!