I'm the last one on Earth...

....to make a Valentine's Day wreath!!!

But I did it! And I wasn't sure if my fingers would survive all that crazy cutting of felt circles. There has got to be an easier way!

I think my favorite part is the cute heart scraps in the middle ;)

My supplies:

  • I used 8 sheets of red felt
  • black and white card stock
  • stapler
  • glue gun and LOTS of glue sticks
  • 6 inches of ribbon

First thing I did was decide I would used my ruler and divide up each felt sheet into squares. I figured I would just cut the circles out of each square once I had them cut.

{a little fuzzy here, sorry}

I cut a LOT more circles than this, but I tried to do it in shifts so my hand could rest ;) I folded each circle in half, ran hot glue down the fold, and right on to the wreath it went. It was really easy and after a while I would go back and fill in empty spots.

 Seriously, I probably almost lost my right hand cutting up all those felt circles.... almost.

I wanted to use what I had to add a little something to the wreath so it wouldn't be so plain. That's when I decided to use some leftover paper and felt scraps to decorate the heart. I cut out a smaller and larger heart from each piece of card stock and stapled them together.

Three extra circles were used to make the flowers in the middle and some other scraps to make up the "stitches". I used some black fabric ribbon to attach the heart to the wreath.

I also made a small hook out of fabric for the back so when I hung it on the wreath hanger, the hook wouldn't interfere with the ribbon holding the heart on. It's hot glued on and I added pins for extra support.

Now it's hanging on my front door ;)

Now I am noticing how banged up my front door looks! That might have to be a project for when the weather gets nice..... I have quite the list of projects once all this snow gets outta here. I think I need to make a list so I can stay organized and accountable.

Hurry up Spring!!

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