Wine bottle transformation {Quick Tutorial}

As part of my quest to find and make pretty home decor for cheap, I saved this wine bottle a while back and have just had it sitting on my Expedit shelf in the living room.

I got sick of looking at its dark green color and decided it needed a little makeover. Hemp to the rescue!!!

I figured the wine bottle was lonely and needed a little warm hempy sweater in this cold winter weather. So out came the hemp and, of course, my trusty hot glue gun ;)

Step 1: Glue hemp to bottle.
Step 2: Wrap hemp around bottle.
Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Basically I did this until the entire thing was covered in yummy hempy goodness.

Here she is all covered up and much more pretty than before!

She {yes, its a she, cuz she's pretty} is back on my Expedit shelf and looking much better!

YUM. I love hemp. And jute. There are definitely going to be more hemp-and-jute-covered-pretty-things in my life now ;)

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