PicMonkey ROCKS my world

So..... I'm willing to bet that most people knew that Picnik was closing. That's right. Dunzo. Zip. Zero. Nada. They shut down in April.

I didn't even have an account and I was aware of this fact due to being a serial blog stalker.

Well, turns out that the creators of Picnik went and made a faster, more powerful, and easier to use program called PicMonkey for fearless photo embetterment. I have used it a few times to edit some pics and it's sooo easy to use! It's like Instagram for your computer <3

*I am in no way affiliated with PicMonkey*

I just heard that they FINALLY opened up the collage feature and I've been dying to make my own! I whipped up my first blog banner and I'm totally diggin this program :D

 Go check it for yourself and have some fun!

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