A little wooden single drawer file I got for FREE

I grabbed up this cute little dust-covered wooden filer last year from the hospital I work at. We have this storage area in the basement that had all kinds of files, slides, tissue blocks and other miscellaneous medical crap no one cares about but we have to save. It had its fair share of scratches on top and dust bunnies inside but I knew I could find a purpose for this little box SOMEWHERE :)

...and I love LOVE the metal handle.

I'm not really a fan of the honey-colored oaky business going on and the handle needed some lovin' too. So what do I do?


First I gave the whole thing a nice rub-down with a 100 grit sandpaper, including the metal handle. The wooden box got a few light coats of Rustoleums Heirloom White and the metal handle got the wrath of the ORB. Love that stuff :)

Now I have no idea what was being stored in this little thing-a-ma-jigger but I happened to think it would be quite fabulous to store all my buttons in. The inside has got all these notches in the wood with some cardboard-type separaters that can be adjusted. PERFECT. Once I got her all painted up pretty, in went the buttoms.

I thought about giving it a nice little coat of some stain to give it more of an aged look but I decided against it. for now. until I change my mind and do it. maybe next year....

Anyways, I think the buttons love their new home and now I don't have to dig around into multiple jars and make a huge mess trying to find a freakin button :)

Super cute and simple, right?

I love it. And it only cost me a little bit of time and some spray paint I already had on hand!

This cute-little-free-wooden-single-drawer-file not sits on my desk in my psychotic craft room.

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