Technical Difficulties

I am working on a few different projects right now, and if you have seen my house recently, you understand what I'm talking about.

There. Are. Crafty. Projects. EVERYWHERE.

My dining room table is taken over right now by "The Toilet Paper Roll Project".... I can't wait to share it though! It's super cute, verrry cheap, and I'm RECYCLING~!

And that's only one project! I have a few I'm working on sharing with everyone and am having some serious technical issues with uploading the pictures onto my computer. I'm using the Boyfriends camera and the pictures will. NOT. load. GRRRRRRR

Tomorrow's another day and hopefully I will get something working. After I get done working. :/

Seriously, my work schedule is crazy right now. I work full-time..... but nothing is regular. I'm working 3-1130pm tonight and then I have to be back at 7 am!!!! I MIGHT get {4} hours of sleep. Now I know why all these ladies with awesome blogs that I admire stay home and ONLY blog. It's a lot of work and I'm trying to figure it all out. Especially the part where I use this HTML language to make my blog look pretty.

I might have to take a class......

Or sweet talk a techy friend.....

Or pay someone to make me a cute blog..... :)

I will be back soon to share my crafts I finished up today!

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